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Welcome to INKOprint

INKOprint is an online ordering platform from Buroform. Have you visited us before? Then you are probably aware of our mission to make advice and the production of modern, high-quality printed matter accessible to as many companies as possible. INKOprint is a result of this idea. With INKOprint.be it is now even easier to order your printed material. Can't work it out on your own? Then there is still our enthusiastic team of print experts who will be pleased to help you. You are always welcome here.

Sustainability and environment

The environment plays a major role in every choice we make. For example, we had our newest printing press built CO2-neutral, and the little energy it still consumes is 100% green energy. Green energy is energy that comes from energy sources that have no impact on your health and do not pollute or harm the environment.

Energy efficiency is only a small part of our efforts. There is no getting around it: a printing press emits CO2. To compensate for this, we joined forces with Go Forest in 2021. In collaboration with them, we very consciously plant trees that have a positive impact on the environment, people and animals. We are currently working on an action plan to become CO2 neutral.

Digital printing with our HP Indigo 7900

You certainly are familiar with an inkjet. It is most probably on your desk as well. As a printing company, we go a few steps further with offset and digital presses. They print either with a light-sensitive plate or with a thick layer of ink on paper. However, at the crossroads between these three, we have the latest addition to our machine park: the HP Indigo 7900. Through dozens of innovations in software and hardware, this press produces the sharpest prints in the industry. Does it even match the quality of an offset? We are tempted to say yes.

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